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It may be useful to bookmark this guide in your browser or add it to your homescreen for convenient access in the future. Please ensure that your app has been updated to the latest version - 0.4.6 (1678).

1. What to expect

First and foremost, thank you for helping us test the BETA version of ClearWatt’s mobile app. This app is not the final version of our product, it may do some strange and frustrating things at times. This is normal and we appreciate your patience. We’d like you to record every journey over 15 miles in your EV with ClearWatt. You can expect roughly the following process:
1. Sign up/ sign in
2. Car registration via your number plate
3. Driving with the app running in the background
4. Complete 3 drives (each more than 15 miles) - whenever, wherever. Please make sure you’re returned back to the homepage after completing a drive to ensure your data is safely submitted
5. Look at the results you’re issued after 3 drives and let us know how these compare to your experience with this vehicle
6. Jump back to Step 2 and add your car again to repeat the process Even after you’ve been issued your results for the first time, we’d like you to carry on using our app.
Once you receive your results for the first time, we’re hoping you can provide us with some preliminary feedback on the accuracy of those results relative to your experience with the car. We don’t care if they’re slightly off the mark, just let us know by Whatsapp, in-app forms, email, text or pick up the phone, whatever you prefer!

2. Installing the app


1. Check the email inbox linked to your Apple ID for an email prompting you to download TestFlight for iOS - if you have not received this email please contact Please also make sure that the email address you have given us is linked to your Apple ID.
2. Download the TestFlight app from the app store/ email link.
3. Open up the app.
4. Allow notifications so you can be alerted for when we release new versions.
5. Press continue.
6. In the top right hand corner, click redeem.
7. From the original email you received asking you to download TestFlight, click the "View in TestFlight" button and you should see a code. Copy this code.
View in TestFlight email
8. Enter this code back on the TestFlight app.
9. You should now see the ClearWatt app.
10. Click install.
11. The app will download to your homescreen. You can now open it.


1. Click this link to download the app on your mobile device.
2. The app will download to your homescreen.
Note: If the app isn't available for download, please make sure the email you have given us is linked to your Google account.

3. Updating the app


1. You should receive an email notification from TestFlight when there is a new version of the app ready for testing. We’ll also prompt you to let you know.
2. Open TestFlight and check to see if there is an update button next to the app.
3. If there is an update available, click upgrade to install the latest version.


1. We’ll send you an email to let you know when there’s a new version of the mobile app ready to be downloaded. Please keep an eye out in your inbox for this.
2. Open the Google Play Store.
3. Click your profile in the top right corner.
4. Click Manage apps & device.
5. Click Update(s) available.
6. Look for the ClearWatt app.
7. Click Update.

4. Detailed guide for using the app

Use the following steps to assist your navigation of our app, if you’re short on time you can skip this section and dive right in. Please come back to this if you’re having difficulty getting past a certain part of the app:

Sign up

1. Sign up/ login using an email and password. To speed the process up, you can also use Sign in with Google.

Adding your car

1. Add your car via its registration number.
2. Add a picture of the car, providing the correct permissions. You must allow the app access to your camera as well as your location.
3. Add the car’s mileage, please be accurate.


1. Your homepage shows the cars you’ve added.
2. Clicking into a car will bring up further details, including the trips you’ve already completed.
3. Clicking into the trip will bring up the journey details, including a map view of where you traveled.
4. Clicking the play button (if shown) will start a new drive.

Doing a drive

1. Add your car’s battery %.
2. Take a photo of it/ upload a screenshot.
3. Start the drive, make sure your location permissions are set to always allow, or else you won’t be able to start a drive.
4. Drive - don’t touch your phone and concentrate on the road!
5. Once you’ve completed 15 miles you can end the drive at any point. Longer drives are preferred.
6. Add your car’s battery % again.
7. Take a photo of it/ upload a screenshot.
8. If you’ve got time, hit Add BETA data in the top right to add some feedback about the conditions of your drive to help us validate our findings. Make sure you return back to the app to click okay and submit your drive data.
9. Press okay to upload your drive data.

Viewing results

1. Once you’ve completed your three drives your results will be issued.
2. Click your vehicle from the list on your homepage and then click Results in the top right hand corner to view your results.
3. You may be prompted by a window to leave us some feedback about your ClearWatt experience and verify our findings.

5. Bugs and issues

For reporting bugs please email with a description of what happened as well as screenshots and screen recordings if available. We are currently aware of the following bugs:
- You may face layout issues if you’re using the app on a device with a smaller screen.
- When clicking into a vehicle, loading of the trip and drive buttons can be slow.
- When on the vehicles homepage, loading of the Start a drive button can be delayed.

6. Version history

0.4.6 (1678)

  • Drive requirements given when a user adds their car
  • Validation on input fields
  • 0.3.0 (1496)

  • Drive submission stability
  • Small UI/UX changes
  • 0.1.3 (1307)

  • Account menu added
  • Marketing preferences added
  • 0.1.2 (1209)

  • Minor bug fixes
  • 0.1.1 (1193)

  • First release with sign up, sign in, adding cars and performing drives
  • 7. FAQs

    How far do I have to drive for each journey?

    Depending on the model of your car we make ask you to drive anywhere between 10 and 35 miles.

    What is a ClearWatt Report?

    The ClearWatt Report is a PDF document outling the current performance of your EV. This report can be used to streamline the sales process by reducing the time to sell and elevating the vehicle's sale value.
    ClearWatt certificate

    How does the grading system work?

    Cars are graded by ClearWatt's proprietary grading algorithm. This algorithm leverages benchmark data to grade vehicles based on their performance relative to when they were brand new and relative to other cars with a similar age. When the vehicle is young, our grading algorithm prioritises performance relative to brand new. As the vehicle ages, the algorithm prioritises grading based on the peformance relative to its peers.
    Our grades span from A+ (excellent condition) to D (poor condition).
    ClearWatt grading explained

    What is the ClearWatt Average Range Estimate?

    The range estimate is the range we believe your car will achieve under a set of normalised conditions. This is the range that the vehicle will achieve on a mild & calm day whilst driving on mostly flat roads. We show the range as two values: a minimum and a maximum to demonstrate the difference between motorway and urban driving.
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